Teach you how to know spleen and stomach from the face

Teach you how to know spleen and stomach from the face

The spleen and stomach are the origin of the day after tomorrow, and the source of qi and blood is biochemical, but the various bad eating habits of modern people have affected our spleen and stomach and affected our own health. Therefore, we must have some understanding of the maintenance of the spleen and stomach.

If there is a problem with the spleen and stomach, then how should we know, now the old Chinese medicine will teach you a few tricks, so that you can trim the spleen and stomach from the face is bad.

  Yellow face, black lips, and dark nose indicate that the yellow skin of the spleen is an important feature of our Chinese.

However, yellow has both normal yellow and pathological yellow.

Normal yellow is suitably bright, moist, subtle, and has red in its place.

If the yellow color is too much, the yellow color is not as good as the yellow color, the yellow color appears alone, or it appears with the blue and black colors.

  Chinese medicine believes that if the disease appears yellow, the first thing to consider is that the spleen and stomach are out of order.

  The spleen and stomach are responsible for transporting water and grains. After people eat and drink water, they digest and absorb the essence in the spleen and stomach and turn them into qi and blood. Therefore, the spleen and stomach are “sources of qi, blood, and biochemistry.”

  The spleen is defective, and the body cannot achieve this transformation. The meals that people eat and the water they drink cannot be properly transported and cannot provide nutrients for the internal organs, so the blood is reduced. As a result, the face becomes white and yellow.

  There is something wrong with the spleen and stomach, and the symptoms can be summarized into 8 words: appetite, bloating, diarrhea, and diarrhea.

  ”Dadling” means don’t want to eat, don’t eat too much, and don’t eat fragrant. This is the most obvious feature of spleen and stomach dysfunction.Water and feces can be called “diarrhea” separately, and water and feces can be called “feces”.

  If you find yourself in these situations, you should doubt whether your spleen and stomach are out of order and seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

  Just looking at the tip of the nose, in fact, the tip of the nose is not sharp, or there is a very hidden pit.

With this small pit as the center, the surrounding area reflects the physiological function of the spleen and the most obvious pathological changes.

  When someone is seriously ill, some people are blue and black with no gloss at all, but as long as the tip of his nose is bright and moisturized, it means that his spleen and stomach functions are still available, and he can eat and take medicine.So there is salvation, the so-called “If you have stomach qi, you will be born, if you have no stomach qi, you will die.”

  In addition, if yellow instead of other disease colors appear in length when sick, some turn from black to yellow, and become bright and moist, indicating that the spleen and stomach have recovered and the disease has turned for the better.

  In fact, most of the time, our spleen and stomach are very normal. The spleen and stomach most hope that our diet is: light and moderate nutrition, eat more food digestible, do not overeating, suddenly cold and hot, not partial food, pay attention to adjustmentEmotions, these are the tips for maintaining the spleen and stomach.

  Old Chinese medicine reminds you not to regret and worry when your spleen and stomach are in trouble. Only by doing your usual health care can you have a healthy body.