Women lose weight and easily lose 10 health hazards


Women lose weight and easily lose 10 health hazards

Beauty No. 0 has become the aesthetic standard of today, how many health risks are behind you?

Why do you envy those who are skinny and look at how scary it is!


Don’t envy your stomach. Don’t envy your female colleague who is always eating and eating a few mouthfuls of rice. Only she knows how much her stomach can be tortured every day: loss of appetite, alwaysFeeling swelling gas, swelling pain.

If the baseline goes for a painful, unpleasant gastroscopy, the diagnosis may be: sagging stomach.

Yes, when the body is too thin, the abdominal wall of the body is loose, the abdominal muscles are weak, causing the suspension, the muscles and ligaments at the fixed stomach position are weak, and the abdominal pressure is lowered, so the physiological position of the whole stomach is lowered, and the gastric peristalsis is weakened.Causes the stomach to sag.


Gallstones Our bile is secreted by the liver and contains cholesterol, bile salts, calcium and lecithin, etc., which maintain a certain ratio between them.

People who are too thin will generally absorb insufficiently, so the slight precipitation in the body tissue will accelerate the consumption, and the free radicals will also move, resulting in an increase in the content of bile, the bile becomes dense, precipitates crystals and precipitates to form.stone.

The main ingredients of hair loss are the protein called fish gills and trace elements such as zinc, iron and copper.

For people who are too thin, the body’s unfortunate and protein supply is insufficient, so the hair is replaced, and the hair color gradually loses its luster.


Infertility medical experts point out that women must have a body fat percentage of at least 17% in order to maintain a normal menstrual cycle and libido levels, which is the minimum standard for their future pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Because 濮?tissue can transform the processing of raw materials provided by the adrenal cortex into estrogen, it is an important place for the production of estrogen in addition to the ovary.

Too few adults in the body, the synthesis of estrogen and its concentration in the blood will be affected, leading to an insufficient level of estrogen, which affects one of the key criteria in women.


Osteoporosis A recent study of 3,683 women in the United States found that the incidence of hip fractures in women with lean body was more than double that of women of standard weight.

This is also due to the lack of estrogen levels in the skinny people, affecting the combination of calcium and bone, unable to maintain normal bone density, so it is prone to osteoporosis and fracture.


Excessive anemia has a problem of uneven nutrition intake. Iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 and other hematopoietic substances become insufficient. Because of less eating, the basal metabolic rate is lower than that of ordinary people, so gastrointestinal movement is slow, stomach acidSecretion and secretion, affecting the absorption of nutrients.

These are the primary causes of anemia.

銆€銆€In addition, malnutrition reduces body immunity and is also prone to secondary anemia.


Hematuria Our kidneys are surrounded by a dense layer of connective tissue.

People who are too thin, lack of adult content in the body, cause this layer of connective tissue to become slack, weak muscle strength, and can not provide the external muscle protection that can be relied upon.

Therefore, the kidneys are prone to sagging and cause internal venous blood to ooze, appear hematuria, and often accompanied by waist pain.


You may not be familiar with the disease of the duodenum, but your thinness may be the chief culprit.

The duodenal transverse segment is located behind the retroperitoneum and is the most fixed part of the digestive tract.

In people who are too thin, the mesenteric and posterior peritoneal hernias are rare, and the visceral sag is invisible, which narrows the gap between the spine and the proximal part of the superior mesenteric artery, causing the duodenal fistula to oppress.

Therefore, the things that are eaten are difficult to digest, showing abdominal fullness discomfort, accompanied by pain or vomiting after meals.

The vomit contains bile and the food it eats, and the symptoms are intermittent and recurrent.


The main dynamic kinetic abnormality of memory declining brain work, it can stimulate the brain, accelerate the brain’s ability to process information, and enhance short-term and long-term memory.

銆€銆€In the thin body, the amount of micro-supplement and supplement is insufficient, and the body’s nutrition is not boring. This lack of nutrition makes the brain cells damaged seriously, which will directly affect the memory, so we become more and more forgetful.


Uterine prolapse does not have enough aunt’s protection, the uterus is easy to descend from the normal position along the vagina, the cervix sag, and even out of the vaginal opening, it forms the uterine prolapse we talk about discoloration, and may also cause the cervixOral infection, even cervicitis.