[People’s diet in Gonghan]_ Gong Han_ How to eat _ How to eat

[People’s diet in Gonghan]_ Gong Han_ How to eat _ How to eat

Gong Han is a fatal typhoid for female friends, especially those who have new needs should be treated as soon as possible.

Experts say that the best way to treat cold in the palace is to adjust the diet. Commonly, there are Ziheche black chicken soup, edamame fried chicken, deer antler black chicken soup, etc. In addition, don’t eat cold food, and don’t wear low waist clothes.

First, Ziheche black chicken soup[composition of ingredients]Ziheche 20 grams, half black chicken (not above the neck), dried longan meat 8?
12 capsules, 3 slices of ginger, salt.

[Manufacturing method]Put 8 bowls of water, purple river carp, black chicken, dried longan meat, ginger into a casserole, and boil the water with martial arts fire. After about 15 minutes, use a gentle fire for about 1 hour.Add a small amount of salt to taste.

[Recommended reason]This soup has a warming effect and promotes ovulation.

Second, fried soybeans with edamame[raw material composition]cinnamon 4.

5 grams, dried ginger 1.

5 grams, ginseng 9 grams, atractylodes 4.

5 grams, 6 grams cooked, 1 cup of edamame, 150 grams of chicken breast, 2 teaspoons of starch, 1/2 root of carrot, 1/2 teaspoon of sesame oil, salt.

[Manufacturing method](1) Dried ginger, ginseng, atractylodes, washed with water, put into the pot, add 2 cups of water, boil over low heat and cook for about 15 minutes, add cinnamon powder, and cook for about 2 minutes,Strain out the soup.

(2) Diced chicken, add 1 tablespoon of medicinal juice and starch and mix well. Peel carrots and cut into small cubes.

(3) Boil the hot water in the pot, cook the carrots and edamames for about 2 minutes, remove them, rinse with cold water, and drain the water.

(4) 3 tablespoons of hot oil in the pot, add diced chicken, stir fry until about 8 minutes, raise, then add edamame and carrots, add to the pot, top with medicinal soup, cook for about 5 minutes, add diced chicken, mixFry until cooked, season with salt and drizzle with sesame oil.

[Recommended reason]Improve uterine cold, red band, leucorrhea, and eat more to make uterine temperature suitable for implantation of affected eggs.

Third, antler black chicken soup[composition of ingredients]black chicken 250 grams, velvet l0 grams.

[Production method](1) Wash black chicken, cut into pieces, and place in a stew pot with antler.

(2) Add an appropriate amount of boiling water, simmer in water and simmer, season and serve.

[Recommended reason]Wen Gong Bushen, nourishing blood.