Go to bed to practice yoga

Go to bed to practice yoga

Want to feel energetic and happy every day?

Then, in the second level, you can feel relaxed and feel joy in your breath.

The following 3 yoga moves on the bed, through some movements combined with correct breathing, can fully massage before and after, speed up bowel movements, even if you eat too much, you can quickly consume.

Guiding the blood through some postures that are not normal life can quickly eliminate fatigue and supplement benefits.

Improve the body’s self-adjusting function.

  Mat yoga three daily practice can eliminate neck and shoulder soreness, reduce excess meat around the waist, so that complications, existing, and aunts that will increase will leave you all.

  The first type: reverse the boat-style method: 1, lying on his back with his legs bent and his hands resting on his chest.

  2. Keep your upper body and legs lifted off the ground at the same time and keep breathing 3 times.

  3. Exhale, twist your upper body to the right, contract your waist muscles, and maintain 3 breaths.

  4. Exhale reduction.

Instead, do the same.

  The second type: V-shaped method: 1, sitting position, legs bent, both hands grasp the toes.

  2. Inhale, move the center of gravity backwards, lift your feet off the ground.

Hold 3 breaths.
  3. When exhaling, slowly stretch your legs upwards until they overlap, and maintain 3 breaths.

  Third style: snake form practice: 1, prone, hands behind, fingers crossed.

  2. Inhale and pressurize your arms to drive your upper body to try to lift up.

Hold 4 breaths.