Super practical beauty products easily deal with crisis


Super practical beauty products easily deal with crisis

Under the influence of the economic crisis, a large number of MMs have probably given up the exquisite makeup in the past and switched to cheap cosmetics.

You can get used to the good, how can you easily accept the poor, so in the coming days, is it more necessary to save money and invest most of the money in cosmetics?


hzh {display: none; }  善于持家的MM肯定会自己动手在家DIY各种面膜,那要是一直依赖护肤品的MM该怎么办呢?Don’t worry, today I will recommend a few easy-to-use and affordable skin-beauty products to make you through the economic crisis easily.

  What is the hottest MissTu Mijidu Taiji Ginseng Sleeping Mask this year?

Of course, ginseng skin care is the hottest. Ginseng can also be used for beauty. It can also be used for beauty. There are no toxic and side effects when placing skin care products. It is a real natural plant makeup, and the most attractive thing about this mask is that it can be used by the whole family.Oh, I share this stuff with my mother. I have mixed skin and my mother is dry.

It is said that people with different skin types cannot use the same product, but we are not bad at all with this mask. First, it is not greasy, and it should be gently applied before going to bed. It can be fully absorbed in about 15 minutes., There is a clear and cool feeling, which can help touch the skin can feel delicate and smooth.

And my mom’s feeling is that after the application, the tightness of the skin surface disappears, the dark yellow skin tone gradually turns white, and it is super hydrating.

We use it from winter to summer. Although the skin of my mother and I ca n’t be said to be blown, at least it is tender and touching, which makes many good sisters envy.

Also, because the amount of this mask is very sufficient, in fact, every time we do n’t use a whole sheet, my mother squeezes out the excess lotion and uses it as a night cream, haha, so we can even pay for the night cream.Save it all.

How’s it going?

  Mentholatum Le Fujie Anti-Acne Whitening Cleansing Foam I also like this cleansing lotion very much. It has been used continuously and has a lot of foam. Especially in summer, it will make my big oily face clean, but after washing itBe sure to hydrate, otherwise you will feel tight.

It may be the reason that its degreasing ability is too strong, so it takes away a lot of water.

But I do n’t think it’s too much trouble, I will add a little water with whitening function, it will look good.

But do not use this for dry skin.

  Neutrogena / Neutrogena Purifying Toner just bought recently, because my mixed skin still has acne, so I had to prepare all of this before the coming of summer, remembering that we went to the beauty salon and bought Avene last year, this year it fell to NeutrogenaReally depressed.

This water is just good for a while, but it ‘s absorbed very slowly. I swiped with a cotton pad and patted it with my fingers, but I still feel that the shell is sticky. I ca n’t dry it, and it dries after a while., Both ends are greasy again, really depressing.

Later I figured out a way. I used a small spray bottle to put a small bottle in the bag, and sprayed it every time I felt oily.

Although it is troublesome, there is no way out. In order to save money, this is the only way.

Change the economy later.

  VOV Cherry Mask came with 2 bottles (different varieties) when my colleague bought it last year.

Its packaging is cute, like a jar of gum. When you use it, apply a thin layer on both ends. It has a cool feeling on the outside, it is very comfortable, and there is no sticky feeling.

The effect of degreasing is not bad, but it seems that the hydration has not been applied, and it has not contracted the pores.

  Shiseido Cleansing Specialty Gentle Cleansing Milk When I went to the supermarket, I saw Shiseido doing promotions and tested the skin for free.

It really scared me, the oil in the shell was terrible.

So I immediately bought a bottle of this, and the shopping guide said that it was particularly easy to use, and the foam was very rich, and I bought it.

Buy it for home use, regret it, the bubble is not as rich as Mentholatum, and the ability to remove oil is not strong, I do n’t know why I bought it until the end, I am so annoyed, I will never listen to the shopping guide lady flickering again.

It also cost me 45 yuan ocean.

  Nivea Sunscreen Body Lotion SPF30 When I bought it, I did n’t know what SPF was. I only knew it the better. I bought it. I did n’t have any special feeling when I applied it. It does n’t seem to be tanned or whitened.effect.

Anyway, I think this product has no disadvantages and no advantages, but it may be because of my skin oil. When I go out in the sun and walk around, I have a face and oil on my arm.

  Pond’s Pore Refining Firming Lotion I bought this after I was irritated by Neutrogena.

The hurt was finally calmed down.

After all, it costs 69 yuan. It seems that the pores have been shrunk, and the blackheads have not grown as much as before.

But I always feel like something is missing.

The spray gun still feels slow absorption. I don’t know if it used to be used by L’Oreal. Anything feels slow absorption, hey, depressed.

Later I used Pond’s and Neutrogena alternately.

  L’Oreal’s all-day moisturizing water essence misses my moisturizing water. It was used last summer for a summer. It is refreshing and moisturizing, that is, the oil control effect is almost, but it absorbs quickly.