Follow: Alternative superstitions sneak into campus

Follow: Alternative superstitions sneak into campus

Wearing the “horoscope lucky color” during the exam, the stationery turned to “lucky position” and “horoscope luck” around campus life. “The horoscope said that my lucky color this month is purple and white, so I only wear clothes of these two colors including underwear””The mid-term exams worked well because I did n’t have academic luck that day.” “The Constellation Book says I can’t go out this week.” . When Ms. Zhao heard so many superstitious words in the mouth of the daughter of the second year of a key middle school, I can’t help but stunned: Why is the child so superstitious?

Last weekend, Ms. Zhao took her daughter to the mall to buy winter clothes. When she walked to a special counter to choose, her daughter took her own hand and walked away.

Originally thinking that her daughter was picky about the grade of clothes, she said that the brand’s logo was an X-shape, like the “fork” on the test paper.

At another counter, her daughter picked up a pair of sports shoes and a pair of sports cotton pants, and told her mother that the sign of this brand was like a “hook”, which would be very auspicious when wearing the exam.

The daughter also said that many students in the class now have this habit.

According to another introduction of junior high school girls, “constellation divination” is very popular among middle school students. Every time the mid-term final exam, a girl in the dormitory always brings a large stack of constellation divination books from home. Everyone also sendsThey are circulated and read, and they are convinced by the contents of “lucky fortune”, “lucky day”, “lucky number”, “lucky color”, and complicated qi prompting methods.

After getting up on the day of the test, the students also popularly placed pen holders and other stationery according to the auspicious directions mentioned in their astrological books and prayed.

Everyone usually wears the “horoscope lucky color” during the exam, and some also wear “lucky ornaments”.

Some classmates even made friends and took the seats according to the “avoid villain” method pointed out in the astrology book.

“Constellation Book” is like a black horse. It has recently investigated the reading of extracurricular books by students in several middle schools. It even inserted 260 best-selling books from ancient times to the present, including science fiction, novels, prose, and poetry.Nine categories, such as scripts, are possible, but unexpectedly, the students who vote the most are constellation books that are not on the list.

The so-called constellation books that predict people’s health, emotions, personalities, studies, careers, and other “fortunes” are widely recognized.

More than a month before the New Year, the 2003 version is still warm, and the 2004 version has begun to appear again.

On the streets of Hangcheng, overpasses and underground passages, the zodiac horoscope books of 2004 are everywhere, and some big bookstores also place such popular books in their eye-catching locations.

Not only that, almost every university has opened a special edition for “Constellation” on the BBS, and the Internet is becoming the most powerful communicator of “Astrology” with its unique breadth.

In the survey, we found that most of the constellation books in the bookstore are beautifully decorated and high in size; the ones on the floor are rough and the prices are low, but their contents are similar, and they predict the fortunes of the constellations.”Taobao”.

A middle school teacher said that the circulation rate of constellation books on campus is unmatched by any extra-curricular books. Middle school students are eager to buy themselves, and some even give it to each other as a fashionable birthday gift.

Middle school students are in a period of psychological instability, and are susceptible to psychological hints. It is not surprising that horoscopes become their curiosity, but they lead to excessive obsession and should be paid attention to.

Among middle school students, there is no shortage of people who are constellations or happy or sad.

Expert opinion Some education experts have pointed out this phenomenon. Some students are out of breath due to the heavy academic burden and high expectations of parents. They are often worried about reality, so superstition becomes a way of self-consolation, self-decompression, and trapped.It is easy to form a negative outlook on life.