Drop the blood sugar to normal value bit by bit

Drop the blood sugar to normal value bit by bit

Drop the blood sugar to normal values bit by bit.

The normal blood glucose values of our normal people are: fasting blood glucose: 3.


2mmoL / L; one hour after meal: 7.


0mmoL / L; two hours after a meal: 3.


8mmol / L.

This is the ultimate goal that diabetes wants to achieve.

People with diabetes can lower their blood sugar to normal values bit by bit in life.

“Eating less”, the control of diet is the most important for diabetic patients whose blood sugar drops to normal.

The amount of food that each diabetic person eats depends on the weight and energy consumption.

If you eat full meals, the accumulation of excess energy will obviously increase.

Satisfaction and obesity are a way for humans to regulate energy intake, but obese diabetic people will have disorders due to obesity resistance and hyperinsulinemia. This is why obese people often feel obese and eat more, The habit of snacking and sleeping before eating.

The hungry and hungry, the more fat the hungry, the fatter and hungry the vicious cycle can only be corrected by constant dieting through variable speed.

The magnitude of eating less depends on the weight. Obese people can be 60% to 70% full, and overweight people can be 80% to 90% full. Regular diets will gradually reduce weight. If you do not use excessive fasting methods, you will lose weight quickly.

Even if you eat different types of refined foods, you can use coarse foods, but coarse foods are also foods that provide energy, and you should not overdo it, otherwise things will go wrong.

In the “hyperactivity method”, the energy of a normal weight person whose blood sugar drops to a normal value is “balanced in and out,” and obese people need to let the energy “more out and less in” to lose weight.

Therefore, diabetic people need to eat less in conjunction with exercise to be more effective.

The amount of exercise should be properly controlled according to each individual’s situation.

Aerobic exercises, such as running, playing ball, etc., are carried out by young people without cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; walking or walking can be used by elderly people or those who do not receive intervention sports.

Whether exercise is effective depends on whether the amount of exercise is sufficient and whether it can be maintained.

In the “monitoring method”, a diabetic person whose blood sugar has fallen to a normal value knows whether he or she can get enough food by using quantitative indicators to adjust the extent of eating less food and more movement.

The simplest and easiest way is to use a weight scale and a ruler-often weighing yourself and measuring your waistline, aiming to gradually return to the goal of “normal people”.

Periodic testing, blood glucose drops to normal values Diabetics regularly check blood glucose, blood lipids and blood pressure levels, and try to stay within normal ranges.

Finally, it should be recognized that prevention of diabetes begins in children and adolescents.

Children with a family history of diabetes should correct prevention, otherwise the harmful complications caused by diabetes will occur earlier.