The boss appreciates the following ways of communication

The boss appreciates the following ways of communication

Are you working hard and not getting enough appreciation?

Do you really look down on those “flatters” and “bad colleagues” who are not practical, but who will perform better than you?

In fact, many of these “bad colleagues” also have a lot of performance worth learning.

  First, the light said that the inferior colleague colleague symptoms: the most unbearable is that those “scared colleagues” always like to show themselves in the boss or boss.

Perhaps what we hate is that they don’t learn to learn or idle, but they always want to get or can be appreciated by the boss or the boss, because we have a kind of understanding, work is done, flattering and other means to get the boss or boss to appreciateNot an employee’s integrity and pragmatic quality.

  Or we have other considerations, for example, the boss or boss is a busy person, there are a lot of things to do, or to disturb him less.

Another reason is that because we are born poorly sociable, afraid to face the wrong words in the boss or the boss, it can be ugly, and the result is the distance between the boss and the boss.

  Bad colleague wisdom: If you think about it seriously, you will find that our own practices are also problematic. On the contrary, those practices of flattering are worth learning.

  Bosses or bosses often have too many things to do, and he usually doesn’t spend too much energy on every employee.

So, let’s not simply assume that he already knows what we have done, how good our work is, and don’t expect him to be aware of what we are thinking or what good advice.

If we don’t take the initiative to contact and communicate with him, maybe he still thinks we are lazy.

  In addition, the feelings between people are established through contact and communication.

Because of the feelings, the boss or boss will also pay more attention to our work.

From the perspective of the boss or the boss, they usually also hope that the employees have some active performance, and hope that the subordinates will actively advise him.

When the boss is looking for managers, he must choose those who have the potential and know how to communicate with themselves. It is not the kind of employee who knows only diligence but is not motivated.

  Therefore, in order to succeed in the workplace, get the boss’s appreciation, usually have to contact with the boss or the boss, communicate and actively promote every opportunity.

In the elevator room, go to the outline, meet the boss when eating a meal, and take the initiative to meet and smile and say hello to the boss, or a few things at work.

Our generous, natural image will naturally leave a deep impression on the boss.

This is by no means a flattering act.

  Generally speaking, the boss mainly appreciates the following communication methods: the appropriate and concise communication can best reflect one’s efficiency.

The first thing you should do to communicate with your boss is simplicity.

Boss is efficient in doing things, and short-term communication with the boss in a simple language can often achieve twice the result with half the effort.

  Don’t raise yourself when you communicate with your boss, don’t deliberately belittle others in order to flaunt yourself.

This is the most disdain for the boss.

When you express dissatisfaction, remember to talk to “things” not “people.”

Don’t just blame the other party for how bad it is, but analyze what is wrong with the things you’ve made. After the ditch passes, the boss will vote for you.

  In short, we don’t have to compete with those bad guys who seem to be flattering. What we have to do is change our own attitude and adjust our behavior.

Actively and effectively communicate with the boss and create a tacit and harmonious working relationship with the boss, which can completely replace you with the boss’s approval.

Second, the aunt is flattering the madness of the colleague. Symptoms: She is very nauseating, that is, she always has to be a central figure among her colleagues, and it seems that she always likes to show excessive closeness to people.

  The traditional education we have suffered is to be modest and polite, because we try to keep a low profile in public, and we don’t like to be too close to people.

  However, while we hate these colleagues, do we also have a warm hope for good interpersonal relationships, and why are we also “bad colleagues”?

  Bad colleague wisdom: We can also sum up, and also explore what is worth learning in their behavior.

  We may not be able to accept that those “collar colleagues” seem to be unprincipled relatives.

But objectively speaking, they do meet the needs of others for being praised.

This is where we have to learn.

If we can open our hearts in good faith and sincerely praise others, those seemingly meaningless chats will become an acceleration to enhance each other’s feelings.

  Of course we don’t learn how to bribe others through words. Our aim is to actively create a good working environment.

Therefore, it is possible to grasp some principles.  To modify yourself, you should also praise others while dressing up yourself, and don’t forget to praise colleagues around you. This is not a “meat”. In fact, everyone needs a little praise.

  Make good use of gifts to establish a good relationship with colleagues, promote birthdays, get a visa, and happy and big things always appear.

The small gift just right at this time can even show warmth by consensus.

A box of chocolates, a bottle of perfume, a wallet, and a gift as an emotional carrier can often play a pivotal role.

  Excellent work is to be good at praising and communicating. Sometimes it is easy to cause misunderstanding. Therefore, we must redouble our efforts in our work.

Be good at expressing your own views, establishing a clear working attitude, being brave in taking responsibility, and speaking with facts is often better than eloquence.

  Don’t have a close personal relationship with a colleague. Usually a friend is the first person we think of when we encounter difficulties, but even the best friends who encounter the conflict of interests will have conflicts.

Ordinary and intimate personal relationships may bury a time bomb for yourself. When there is a conflict of interests, it may even cause serious psychological harm.

  Sincere praise and deliberate welcoming.

We must learn to actively give praise to others.

  Third, idlers and lazy people Bad colleagues Symptoms: Those “bad colleagues” have another behavior that we are extremely reluctant to accept, that is, they always seem to be very leisurely, it seems that they always give responsibility and doubt to others.

  Bad colleague wisdom: Those who seem irresponsible seem to have not been punished for their irresponsibility, nor have they left our world because we don’t like it.

In fact, if you think about it seriously, you will find that everyone will have their own way of survival. If we can calmly and objectively understand and re-discover our own code of conduct, perhaps we will find some survival philosophy that we have neglected.

  Any one thing has major contradictions and minor contradictions in its development process. Any contradiction has major aspects and secondary contradictions. Therefore, how to grasp the main aspects of major contradictions and contradictions becomes the success or failure of the workplace.The essential.

At any time, it is not advisable to grab a brow and a beard or to focus on it. Perhaps you are the old ox.

  Psychology will classify people. Some people with type A personality are very serious, very eager and hard working. There is another type B personality. Everything is very casual, don’t worry, don’t panic, act.It seems that it is not enough.

From the large-scale survey results, people with type B personality are more likely to succeed than people with type A personality.

Therefore, we must admit that in the workplace, “quietness can be more distant”, perhaps his leisurely look is the result of his brain!

  Tips In the workplace, the more beneficial and effective way is not simply to define who is a “bad colleague”, but to try to find some good qualities that people we hate, and ultimately win the success in the workplace.