Shortcuts to lose weight in winter

Shortcuts to lose weight in winter

It is said that it is difficult to lose weight in winter, but it is not true.

Winter is also a good time to lose weight.

As temperatures drop, the body needs more energy to maintain basic functioning; exercise also consumes more changes than it does in warmer environments.

However, it is also difficult to lose weight in winter.

Cold weather, increased appetite, reduced activity, it is easy for your aunt to pile up.

How to do it?

Don’t worry, the editor of introduces 11 tricks for everyone, so that you can easily lose weight in winter.


Keep away from food. Keep away from food first. Of course, you won’t want to eat that much.

There are a lot of tips here, such as: keep yourself busy and do n’t forget about snacks; try to move in a crowded place; do n’t store snacks at home, go around the supermarket snack area; dispose of stale food;Eat only in the kitchen; drink water to make you feel full, and so on.

In short, what you have to do is not to let extra food appear in your sight.


Eat like a lady Think about how ladies eat: drink a little soup before meals; use small plates to hold food, chew slowly and enjoy each bite slowly; even the most delicious foodDo n’t eat too much, just stop tasting; never touch the leftovers on the table, and do n’t chew snacks in front of the TV without any image . these are not just lady symbols, they are also small people who control their dietLittle tip.

Each time you eat and chew 20 times, you can better experience the joy of eating and make you feel full.

Therefore, change your gobbling habit quickly. A small change will shape a slim and healthy you. 3.

To make your diet plan more human, of course, eat slowly in small amounts, not to say that you should not eat.

Many people have a very strict diet plan, and this is the initial stage that they can’t stick to it.

Especially in the winter with a strong appetite, if you restrict your diet too much, it is often the cause of coquettishness.

In fact, winter needs to consume more energy, so you do n’t need to control the conversion to a low range as in summer. You can make a plan for re-elasticity and you will not be so hard to restrain yourself.It’s not like letting you eat completely, so your body will definitely get fat).


Don’t be too harsh on breakfast and lunch.

  Don’t be too harsh on breakfast and lunch, as they are both a transfer to your daily activities and the secret to not eating too much at night and off-hours.


Learn to make good use of snacks.

  Sometimes the desire to eat snacks is also a manifestation of the body’s needs. At this time, you can have a snack.

Of course, it is best to eat hunger and low-calorie things, such as fruit, honey water, low-fat high-fiber digestive biscuits, and so on.

You can eat a bit before the drought hits so you don’t eat too much.

Drinking soup before meals can almost help digestion, appetizing, and keep you from getting too hot; a little snack at 4:30 in the afternoon can not eat more dinner.

Of course, excessive snacks, and snacks that have just been eaten, will increase your appetite.


Eat hot food One of the main reasons why you want to eat in winter is to maintain your body’s trajectory.

Therefore, if you eat hot food, your body will heat up, it will also promote digestion and speed up metabolism.

  Pay attention to the temperature of the food when you eat. Don’t be too troublesome. Eat hot food and hot rice. The food is cold and must be hot before eating.

  Drink plenty of hot water (drinks are high and are the enemy of weight loss).

Hot tea is a good idea. It both warms and satiates the stomach and no longer wants to eat.

If you are worried that drinking too much green tea will affect your sleep, oolong tea and herbal tea are definitely good choices, and you won’t fall asleep even if you drink too much.

  If the winter fruit is too cold, you can cook a delicious pot of fruit ravioli.

Wash the apples, pears, oranges, and halves, and cook them in a pot, but don’t cook them too continuously. It will be hot, otherwise the nutrients will be lost.
The three lows and three highs of the diet are low oil, low salt, and low sugar; the three highs are high protein, high vitamins, and high fiber.

  Low oil means eating less or no fried foods.

Low salt is to try to make the taste lighter and eat less spicy, so as not to open your appetite and hurt your spleen and stomach.

Low sugar is not to say not to eat sugar, but to strictly control high-transition foods such as ice cream and cream cakes.

  High protein is a nutrient for maintaining human organs, which usually accounts for about 30% in the diet, but for people who are eager to lose fat, the protein can be increased to about 60%, but the main intake should be plant protein, such as beansClass, etc.

Vitamins can delay the aging of cells. Vegetables and fruits are the main source of vitamins.

Fruit (apple, orange, watermelon, strawberry) vegetables (cucumber, tomato, celery).

Cellulose helps our tibia to move, helps to detoxify, and keeps the skin smooth. Corn, celery, and buckwheat are all high-fiber foods.


Say goodbye to hot pot and supper at the end of the year is the most alternating time for friends gathering, often have to eat and drink together.

It is best to eat a little low-fat, high-fiber before you go, drink a bowl of soup after you go, and try to eat fruits and lean meat as much as possible.

Those that are greasy at first glance are less likely to be touched, or so much effort will be lost.

  The most taboo is shabu-shabu.

Don’t look at throwing things in for cooking, hot pot is a very fat thing.

Not to mention how much oil is in the soup and condiments, when you eat HIGH, it is really difficult to control, and the ** meatball that looks delicious is the highest.

If you can change it, you must change it.

  And supper, this is the enemy to keep in shape; even if supper is low again, it is completely used to grow meat, so before eating supper, you must think twice, think twice, think twice!


The hot water bath is the same as the “eating hot food” introduced above. The hot water bath also has the same effect-maintaining the body’s transformation and speeding up metabolism.

  Taking a hot bath in winter is the greatest enjoyment.

It can make you feel relieved during a tense day, and it can also achieve the effect of weight loss.

When you completely soak your body in hot water, the pores will automatically expand, allowing the skin to completely forget the cold outside, sweating greatly in the season when it is not easy to sweat, burn the excess lightly, and discharge with the sweat, dripping freely.

  Similarly, soaking your feet in hot water and warming your hands can also help you to get rid of cold and warm your body, and speed up blood flow.


One of the reasons why I can’t keep my figure in winter when I buy a few tight sweaters is because I wear too much in the winter and I can’t see it.

However, at this time, take your body lightly and wait until the clothes are low to shout to lose weight.

Therefore, you can buy some tight sweaters to wear. The increase is to increase the motivation to maintain your body shape. The tight sweaters are close to the skin and have a much higher warmth than ordinary loose clothing. A little exercise will make you sweat.

The tight sweater at this time is almost like a magical shaped belt, allowing you to use your own transformation to burn extra aunts.