Why do people love flowers

Why do people love flowers

The power of flowers is not limited to 60 seconds.


New research from Morrisbo shows that admiring the beauty of flowers and feeling its fragrance can change your brain’s chemicals and make you feel more positive.


Morris is a professor of psychology and director of the Human Emotions Laboratory at Gus University.

Here, there are the benefits of living with flowers.

  You will feel more upward. When you are feeling down, finding a bunch of gerberas instead of a pint of chocolate will make you feel better.

In a study by Morris, when a girl accidentally receives flowers unexpectedly, she shows happiness and is still happy three days later.

  Your increased pressure turns your home into a holy place full of beautiful flowers.

In a study at Harvard Medical School, people who often placed flowers at home felt severe stress and worry.

  Get creative ideas for your inspiration and put flowers in your office.

Researchers at the University of Texas have found that women have more innovative ideas and solutions to problems when flowers are nearby.