Bed exercise is more effective than fitness


Bed exercise is more effective than fitness

Taiwan[United Evening News]January 11 news, the British couple of husband and wife TV show host, invited two couples to show on the spot to demonstrate the latest sex-making diet, the results calculated to 45 minutes per person in bed, can consume 300More than two calories.

銆€銆€Julie and Richard are the couples of the Yintan couples who are known by the British nationals. They hosted the fourth channel daytime talk show “This Morning” and introduced life information, which was greatly welcomed by the audience.

The couple recently thought of a personal translation that is closely related to life.

It turns out that many celebrities, stars, such as the girl Lily Barr and the supermodel Kelly Brooke, think that sex is the best way to lose weight.

銆€銆€Judy and Richard’s program producers recently received an email from a viewer asking them to invite men and women to show their love on their show and give them 锟?00.

They readily accepted the opinions of the audience and invited two couples to the hotel to 鈥渢rick鈥?and take the opportunity to lose weight.

銆€銆€Two couples went to the fitness center for 45 minutes before going to the hotel and then went to Wushan for 45 minutes.

The production unit arranged a monitoring instrument to record the calories burned by two couples during a sleep exercise.

銆€銆€After a fierce battle in bed, the two pairs of men and women came to a fairly satisfactory weight loss effect.

One of the male participants consumed 323 calories during fitness and 369 calories during sex, showing that bed sports surged faster than fitness.

Another male participant also lost weight. He consumed 388 calories in the fitness room and 320 calories in sex.