Anti-Aging Diet-Ufa


Anti-Aging Diet-Ufa

[Source]Folk medicated recipe[Raw materials]250 grams of walnuts, 250 grams of black sesame, and 500 grams of red sugar.

  [Production](1) Add brown sugar to an aluminum pan, add an appropriate amount of water, boil it with martial arts heat, and toss on a simmering fire until it is thick, add fried black sesame seeds, and stir the walnuts to halt the fire until it becomes black sugar.

  (2) Pour the wufa sugar into an enamel plate coated with cooked vegetable oil, spread it flat, cool it, divide it into small pieces with a knife, and put it in the sugar box for future use.

  [Serving method]Eat 3 pieces each morning and night.

  [Efficacy]Strengthening brain and kidney, causing hair to develop.

It is suitable for dizziness, tinnitus, forgetfulness, hair loss, and early white hair.

Jiufu has the effect of preventing premature aging.