The earliest man to practice boxing?

The earliest man to practice boxing?

The distress of the four body types assumes that the belief has been firmly established, so the key is the choice of fitness method.

With so many gyms and so many fitness classes, which one should you choose for weight loss?

In fact, this is like doing a math problem. You have to choose the blanks. The editor will list you some of the hottest sports in this year’s gym rankings, and then let different types of too many figures check in. Then you will fill in the blanks.question.

  The first type: pear-shaped body characteristics: your body is like a big pear, the upper body is thin, but the lower body is relatively plump, even with slender arms and slender waist, it is difficult to cover the bucket waist and elephant legEmbarrassed, so the visual center of gravity sinks, and the figure appears not tall.

  Difficulties of losing weight: waist, buttocks, thighs, buttocks, calves, toes. The second type: Apple-shaped body features: Apple-shaped body is often evenly obese throughout the body. It looks like the neck is short, the shoulders are thick and the waist is round.At the top, walking is like rolling your body.

  Difficulties of losing weight: waistline area, limbs, back. Third type: Spindle-shaped body features: overall feels like a spindle, with a slight focus on the waist and abdomen, but fortunately, the arms and legs are not out of shape. It should be relatively easy to lose weight.
  Difficulties in losing weight: Waist and abdomen Fourth: Radish-shaped body features: It looks like a large radish that is growing. The heavy upper body is supported by thin legs, and it feels a bit weightless, like being blown down by the wind at any time.

  Difficulties of losing weight: shoulders, arms, hips, waist