[Nutrition for lunch]_Slimming_How to eat

[Nutrition for lunch]_Slimming_How to eat

Many people do n’t understand the essence of lunch. They just think that lunch is mainly to eat better. In fact, the balanced nutrition of lunch can help to lose weight. If you do n’t pay attention to the reasonable mix of lunch, it will cause some serious disguise.And the phenomenon that adults cannot metabolize, let’s take a look at the nutritional, healthy, and weight loss methods for lunch.

Recommended lunch recipes-1: shrimp cup set 1.

75 grams of rice 2.

Shrimp salad: 50 grams of grass shrimp, 50 grams of green peppers, 50 grams of lettuce, 50 grams of virgin fruit 3.

Boiled eggs: 50 grams 4.

Refreshment after meal: 1 cup of yogurt, 100 grams, strawberry: 50 grams energy: 632 kcal protein: 28 grams recommended lunch recipe-2: eel rice set 1.

75 grams of rice 2.

Eel: 75g, red pepper 50g, lettuce 50g, broccoli 50g 3.

Fried spinach: 100g, salad oil 10g 4.

After-meal refreshment: 1 cup of yogurt, 100 grams, kiwi: 50 grams Energy: 646 kcal Protein: 28 grams Recommended lunch recipe-3: Sandwich set 1.

1 sandwich bread: 2 slices of 50 grams of bread, 25 grams of square leg meat, 50 grams of lettuce2.

Corn salad: 1 fresh corn: 100g, tomato 50g, chicken breast 50g, salad dressing seasoning 3.

After-meal refreshment: yogurt almond cup, yogurt 100g, almond kernels: 15g energy: 632 kcal protein: 29g recommended lunch recipe-4: red braised beef rice set 1.

75 grams of rice 2.

Beef: 100g, tomato 50g, carrot 100g, salad oil 15g 3.

Mix pickled cucumbers: 100 grams 4.

After-meal refreshment: 1 orange, 100 g energy: 633 kcal protein: 28 g recommended lunch recipe-5: soup noodle set 1.

Shiitake Mushroom Soup Noodles: 100g, 50g shiitake, 100g greens2.

Fish-flavored shredded pork: 50 grams of lean pork, 75 grams of simmered white pepper, 5 grams of dried peppers, 5 grams of soy sauce, 5 grams of vinegar, 5 grams of caster sugar, and 15 grams of salad oil3.

Refreshments after meal: 100 grams of apple Energy: 697 kcal Protein: 26 grams