Blood-enriching effect of pork liver soup

Blood-enriching effect of pork liver soup

The best effect of iron and blood for pig liver is to make soup.

100 grams of pig liver contains 22 iron.

6 milligrams, compared to 2 milligrams.

Because when pig liver is boiled in water, iron-containing blood water will be lost in the soup, and the iron content will drop sharply.

We do not drink pork liver soup when eating braised pork liver, so this way of eating is not good for iron supplementation.

And if it is replaced by pork liver soup, although blood water will flow into the soup, but we drink is soup, which can naturally guarantee the iron intake.

  It is not so easy to make pork liver soup. Many people feel that there is a fishy smell. It may be that the ingredients are not fully prepared.

Here I would like to remind you to put in more ginger slices so that the fishy smell disappears.

  The best match for pork liver soup is spinach, because spinach is also a good blood supplement. I usually add tofu and wolfberry. The taste and color are very good.

  The practice is not difficult. Slice the pork liver, tofu, and ginger first; then, put some oil in the pot, heat it up and put in the ginger shabu-shabu, add water to the pot, boil over medium heat, then add spinach, wolfberry, and cookTo six maturity; finally, add pork liver, put less salt, cook out and taste.

  药膳佳肴:银耳猪肝汤  [做法]银耳10克放入温水中泡发,去蒂根,撕成瓣状;猪肝50克洗净、切片;小白菜50克洗净,切段;姜切片, Scallion cut into sections; put pork liver in a bowl, add raw flour, salt, soy sauce, beat eggs, mix well and hang the pulp; heat the wok, add vegetarian oil, add ginger and shallots when the six are ripe, then putAdd 300ml of water, boil, add Tremella, pork liver, and cook for 10 minutes.

  [Guide for food supplement]This soup can nourish liver and eyesight, nourish lungs and nourish yin, and help improve the body’s ability to resist cold and disease.