[Stand upside down to have sex]

[Stand upside down to have sex]

Standing in the same room is also a good choice. In addition to being able to intersect each other’s sexual organs well, you can also enjoy the physical touch of your lover.

Obvious benefits of loving love When the two are full, the man can hold the woman tightly from behind, so that the woman can enjoy the gentleness and tenderness of the man while enjoying sex.

At first, the two stood up. The man hugged the woman from behind, then lifted one of her feet to make the sexual organs of the two sides smoothly transfer, and then used a small shaking to rub against each other.

The man can also take the opportunity to blow in the woman’s ear, tease, and increase the pleasure of the other party; and the woman can also clasp the man’s neck with his hands in reverse, and the two will look like a tangled vine.