Big S Customization: Evening at night is also good for skin


Big S Customization: Evening at night is also good for skin

Late sleep is the enemy of women’s skin.

But the Internet, fighting day and night; work, such as spinning tops are difficult to stop; party banquets, night and night . can be repeated time and again, but also the sisters’ faces are greatly hit: rough skin, dull, standing on top of each otherPanda eyes.

As the beauty king, Da S, she ca n’t escape the work of turning the night upside down, but she is still radiant. Let ‘s reveal the big S today and see how she made a special plan for beautiful skin.

  Obviously, sisters who often sleep late at the “dinner” before going to bed lately will experience excessive loss of nutrients (moisture, nutrients) when their skin is not getting enough sleep. We can add more vitamin C or more during dinner.Collagen-containing foods can help skin restore elasticity and radiance.

Collagen-rich foods such as “animal skins”, and vitamin C are found in a large number of fruits.

  Dinner: Don’t eat spicy food for dinner to prevent excessive evaporation of moisture in the skin.

Sisters with sensitive skin should eat as little seafood as possible.

Although alcoholic beverages can help us maintain a strong mental state, they have a great discount on the absorption and retention of skin nutrients, so we should exchange as little as possible, but sisters can have more pure natural energy such as fresh fruit juice or soy milk, pure water, etc.Drinks, while quenching thirst, can replenish energy, and can also beautify the skin.

  Big S skincare memo: It is very important to realize that “dinner” before going to bed late is to prepare for “late sleep” instead of “injury” through food.

  Give your feet plenty of moisture and dry skin will appear dry and dehydrated.

Sleeping at night can still cause water loss, so it’s especially important for sisters to replenish water.

  There are two reasons for lack of water: one is environmental factors and the other is improper care.

If the sisters are going to stay up all night, keep the indoor air open and have a certain humidity.

If you cannot change the quality of the environment you are in (such as an air-conditioned room), you need to pay more attention to care-choose to use a lot of moisture and nutrients-rich lotion, which is easy for skin absorption, and can effectively isolate some of the bad air particlesSkin contamination.

  Big S skincare memo: In addition to care, we must pay attention to hydrating the body. We must drink at least 11 cups of boiled water every day. Only by combining hydration inside and outside can we give sufficient moisture to the skin and have supple skin.

  ”Late sleep” but not “late wash” We have work and rest time at work, in fact, the skin also has time to rest.

Is the skin’s rest time at 10:00 in the evening?
Between 11:00, this time is the best time for us to enter the evening maintenance.

Some sisters like to relax physically and quietly before going to bed.

In fact, this is a good time for the skin to absorb nutrients.

If the sisters sleep late, be sure to cleanse and maintain their skin during this time.

After cleaning with a mild cleanser, absorb the moisturizing nutritional lotion.

In this way, although the skin cannot normally enter sleep in the next stage, it can also receive nutrients and water normally.

If you are in the entertainment, you also need to help you get out and do a simple cleansing makeup. It is the so-called “even if you sleep late, but do not wash late.”

  Big S skincare memo: In addition to cleaning the facial skin, sisters must clean their private parts and sleep well at night.

Use the private lavatory body wash containing natural lactic acid protection factor, soap-free formula, low foam and mild, no irritation, plant essence deeply moisturizes the delicate skin of the private part, making the private part more clean and comfortable after use.

Sisters must remember to sleep late but not wash late.

  ”Sedation” in the hustle and bustle, drinking strong tea or coffee, alcohol, etc. are the habit of late sisters who use refreshing methods.

This makes the face more prone to dark circles, bags under the eyes, and dull skin.

Sisters should know how to cover up tiredness in noisy entertainment or busy work.

Calming the skin is one of the effective ways to eliminate dark circles and bags under the eyes.

  Big S skincare essentials: Sisters at home can use cotton swabs dipped in cold salt water to apply pressure on the skin around the eyes, or the tea that has been drunk is wrapped in gauze and applied to the eyes.

  If you are in a banquet or office environment, you can wet towels, handkerchiefs and other soft cotton fabrics with running tap water, as cool as possible, and then apply them to your face at the convenience of the bathroom, especiallyMy cheeks and eyes are fat, about 3?
It takes only 5 minutes, it is very simple and convenient, and it can restore full spirit.