Big mistakes made by exercise to lose weight

Big mistakes made by exercise to lose weight

In life, some obese people always rush to exercise to lose weight, and it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

In fact, a large number of exercise weight loss failures are associated with misconceptions, practices or prejudices.

  Misunderstanding 1: As long as you exercise more, you can achieve weight loss.

Although exercise can consume the speed of the human body, the effect of weight loss by exercise alone is not obvious. Studies show that even if you play tennis for a few hours a day, as long as you drink a can or two or eat a few cakes, the hard weight loss results willVanished.

Therefore, in order to obtain a long-lasting weight loss effect, in addition to compulsory exercise, a reasonable change in diet should also be made.

  Misunderstanding 2: Fasting is harmful to health.

People are always worried that fasting exercise will cause hypoglycemia due to the large consumption of glycogen stored in the body, such as dizziness, fatigue, and palpitation, which are not good for health.

Dr. Dappa from the Dallas Bodybuilding Center in the United States believes that moderate exercise, such as quantitative walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, etc., to lose weight 1-2 hours (ie, fasting) before meals.

This was because no new fatty acids entered the body at the time, and it was easier to consume the excess, especially the brown traces of productivity, weight loss effects and exercise after meals.

  In addition, due to the appropriate amount of exercise and excessive heat energy consumption, sufficient storage in the body will not affect health.

  Misunderstanding No. 3: Lose weight every 30 minutes of jogging.

Although jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, the effect of weight loss is very little. It has been proved that only the duration of the exercise exceeds about 40 minutes.

With the extension of exercise time, the amount of amateur energy can reach 855 of the total consumption.

It can be seen that the exercise less than about 40 minutes is not obvious regardless of the intensity.

  Misunderstanding 4: The more exercise intensity, the more starting point of exercise, the better the effect of weight loss.

In fact, only long-term low-intensity aerobic exercise can make people consume extra aunts.

This is because during low-intensity exercise, muscles mainly use oxidized fatty acids to obtain energy, which causes slight consumption quickly.

The intensity of exercise increases, and the proportion of slight consumption decreases accordingly.

When approaching high-intensity exercise, the proportion of adults supplying energy is only 155.

Therefore, easy and gentle, continuous low-intensity exercise or continuous exercise with a heart rate maintained at 100-124 beats / min is most conducive to weight loss.